Our Progam

Explore Canadian Montessori Nursery’s comprehensive program designed to nurture children’s curiosity, independence, and lifelong love for learning.

What We Provide For Kids at The Canadian Montessori Nursery

Practical Life

Practical Life activities empower children to explore daily tasks, promoting independence and essential life skills.


In our Language program, children embark on a journey of linguistic exploration, from letter recognition to creative expression.


Our Math curriculum transforms abstract concepts into tangible discoveries, fostering a deep understanding of numbers and problem-solving.


Sensorial experiences refine young minds, enhancing perception and understanding of the world through all five senses.

Culture & Art

The Culture program unlocks a world of knowledge, from geography and science to art and history, nurturing global citizens.

Advantages of Montessori Education

Explore the benefits of Montessori education at Canadian Montessori Nursery. Our approach fosters independence, critical thinking, and social skills, nurturing well-rounded individuals with a passion for learning.

Individualized Learning

Tailored for Every Child.

Positive Foundation

A Strong Start.

Social Skills and Collaboration 100%
Critical Thinking & Self-Confidence 100%

Unlocking Potential Beyond School Hours

Little Scientist Class

Embark on exciting experiments and discoveries, nurturing young scientists' curiosity and love for exploring the world.


Develop physical strength, flexibility, and coordination while having fun through gymnastics exercises and routines.


Instill discipline, self-confidence, and physical fitness with Taekwondo, where children learn martial arts skills and values.

Robotics and Coding class

Dive into the world of technology and innovation, where children learn to code and build robots, fostering problem-solving and creativity.

Language Class

Cultivate language skills and a strong foundation for reading and writing through engaging activities and games.

School Readiness

Prepare for the academic journey ahead by honing essential skills in math, language, and cognitive development.

Arts and Creativity Class

Unleash artistic expression through various forms of creative arts, from drawing and painting to crafts and more.

Little Muslims Class

Foster spiritual growth and understanding of Islamic values in a supportive and nurturing environment.

Our Nursery Information & Operationals

Discover our nursery’s operating hours, address, and open days below for your convenience.

Montessori Nursery Sharjah

Villa number 16, Khalideya Street Number 81, Behind Bait Al Mandi Restaurant.

Montessori Nursery Branch 1

Crystal Plaza Al Majaz – Sharjah.

Open Days

Sunday - Thursday

Open Hours

07 : 00 AM - 05 : 00 PM