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Discover Canadian Montessori Nursery’s mission and vision, shaping young minds through holistic education. Learn about our dedicated team, curriculum, and commitment to lifelong learning

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About Canadian Montessori Nursery

At Canadian Montessori Nursery, we are committed to providing a holistic Montessori education that lays the foundation for a successful academic journey.

Our curriculum is thoughtfully designed to encompass the entire spectrum of Montessori training, ensuring your child’s well-rounded development and readiness for formal schooling.

Be Number One Of School Kids On The World

Nurturing Lifelong Learners & Winners

Our mission is to instill a lifelong love for learning.

Cultivating Independence and Creativity

We empower children to think independently and creatively.

Building Well-Rounded Development

We provide holistic education for personal growth.

Supportive Learning Community

We foster collaboration among students, parents, and educators.

Developing Essential Skills

At Canadian Montessori Nursery, we are passionate about providing an enriching and supportive learning environment where each child can thrive.


Practical Life

Our Practical Life Curriculum teaches vital life skills through hands-on activities, promoting independence and development.



Our curriculum explores abstract math concepts through interactive learning using Montessori materials.



Our curriculum enriches vocabulary and language skills through hands-on Montessori materials.



Our sensorial activities enhance children's senses, refining their perception of the world.



Our curriculum covers Geography, Science, History, Music, and Art. Children gain an understanding of their community, the world, and social responsibility.

Our Nursery Information & Operationals

Discover our nursery’s operating hours, address, and open days below for your convenience.

Montessori Nursery Sharjah

Villa number 16, Khalideya Street Number 81, Behind Bait Al Mandi Restaurant.

Montessori Nursery Branch 1

Crystal Plaza Al Majaz – Sharjah.

Open Days

Sunday - Thursday

Open Hours

07 : 00 AM - 05 : 00 PM